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Easy to Perform Basic Soccer Drills for Teens: Building Skills and Confidence

As teenagers embark on their soccer journey, mastering basic soccer drills is essential for building a strong foundation in the sport. These easy-to-perform exercises not only enhance fundamental skills but also contribute to overall physical fitness and confidence on the field. In this guide, we’ll explore a variety of basic soccer drills tailored for teens, aiming to improve their ball control, passing accuracy, and agility.

Ball Control Drills

1. Cone Dribbling Challenge

The player dribbles the ball through the cones using quick, controlled touches with both feet. This drill improves close ball control and agility.

2. Juggling Practice

Juggling is an excellent exercise for enhancing ball control and touch. Start with one or two juggles and gradually progress as skills improve. Teens can practice juggling with different parts of their feet to develop a well-rounded control technique.

Passing and Receiving Drills

3. Two-Person Passing Drill

Teens can pair up for this passing drill. Stand about ten yards apart and practice passing the ball back and forth using the inside of the foot. Emphasize accuracy and proper technique, encouraging players to use both feet for passing and receiving.

4. Passing Square

Create a square with cones and position players at each corner. Players pass the ball to each other in a sequence, following the order of corners. This drill enhances passing accuracy, communication, and quick decision-making.

Shooting Drills

5. Shooting Target Practice

Set up a goal or use cones to create target areas within the goal. Teens take shots from various distances, aiming to hit the designated targets. This drill improves shooting accuracy and helps players develop different shot techniques.

6. One-on-One Shooting Drill

The attacker tries to score against the defender, promoting quick decision-making and precision in shooting. Switch roles after each attempt.

Agility and Conditioning Drills

7. Agility Ladder Exercises

Lay out an agility ladder on the ground and have players perform various footwork basic soccer drills through the ladder. This enhances foot speed, coordination, and overall agility, crucial for maneuvering on the soccer field.

8. Cone Weave Drill

Set up cones in a zigzag pattern. Players weave through the cones using quick, controlled movements. This drill focuses on agility, balance, and acceleration, improving a player’s ability to navigate through defenders.

Defensive Drills

9. 1v1 Defending Practice

In a designated area, pair up players as defenders and attackers. The defender’s goal is to prevent the attacker from getting past and scoring. This drill hones defensive skills, including positioning, timing, and tackling.

10. Pressing Drill

Create a small grid and have two players, one as the attacker and the other as the defender, inside the grid. The defender applies pressure to the attacker, aiming to force them into making a mistake. This drill enhances defensive pressure and intercepting skills.

Team Coordination Drills

11. Keep-Away Circle

Form a circle with players and designate one as the defender. The others pass the ball among themselves while the defender attempts to intercept. This drill improves passing accuracy, ball movement, and team coordination.

12. Small-Sided Games

Divide the team into smaller groups for mini-games (3v3 or 4v4). Small-sided games encourage players to apply their skills in a more realistic and dynamic setting, fostering teamwork and decision-making under pressure.


Incorporating these easy-to-perform basic soccer drills into training sessions for teens can significantly contribute to their skill development, confidence, and enjoyment of the sport. The key is to create a balanced training regimen that addresses various aspects of the game, ensuring that players are well-rounded and prepared for the challenges they may encounter on the soccer field.

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