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Basic Football Drills for Youth: Drills to Enhance Shooting Technique

Are you looking to improve your shooting technique on the soccer field? Using the right drills can help you enhance your skills and become a more effective player. In this article, we will explore some basic football drills for youth players to improve their shooting technique.

The Power Shot: Building Strength and Accuracy in Shooting

One of the most important aspects of shooting in soccer is the ability to generate power behind your shots. To improve your power shot, try the following drill:

Power Shot Drill:

Place the ball a few yards away from the goal and practice taking powerful shots on target. Focus on using the correct technique to generate maximum power with your shot. Repeat this drill consistently to build strength in your shooting leg and improve accuracy.

The Instep Drive: Mastering Technique for Powerful Strikes

Another key element of shooting technique is mastering the instep drive, which allows you to strike the ball cleanly and with power. Here’s a drill to help you hone this technique:

Instep Drive Drill:

Start by placing the ball in front of you and practice striking it with the top of your foot, just above the toes. Focus on making solid contact with the ball and following through with your kicking motion. Pay attention to your body positioning and aim to strike the ball with power and accuracy.

The Finesse Shot: Developing Precision and Placement

One important skill for young footballers to master is the finesse shot. This type of shot involves using the inside of your foot to guide the ball with accuracy and placement. To practice this technique, set up cones or targets in the goal and aim to hit them consistently with finesse shots. Focus on your technique, ensuring that you strike the ball cleanly and follow through with your kicking foot.

In addition to targeting specific areas of the goal, you can also work on curve and bend in your finesse shots. This can be achieved by approaching the ball at an angle and making slight adjustments to your body position during the strike. Practice this skill repeatedly to develop muscle memory and improve your ability to curl the ball around defenders and into the corners of the goal.

The Volley: Perfecting the Art of Striking Mid-Air Balls

Another important aspect of shooting technique is the ability to strike the ball cleanly on the volley. This skill requires good timing, coordination, and technique to connect with the ball while it is still in the air.

To practice volleys, have a partner or coach serve balls to you from different angles and heights. Focus on timing your run-up, adjusting your body position, and making solid contact with the ball.

When striking volleys, aim to keep your head over the ball and your eyes on the target. This will help you maintain balance and accuracy in your shots.

As you become more comfortable with volleys, challenge yourself by attempting volleys with both feet and from different distances. Remember, repetition is key to mastering this skill, so be sure to practice regularly to see improvement.

The One-Touch Finish: Improving Quick Decision-Making and Accuracy

One of the most important skills in football is the ability to make quick decisions and execute them with precision. The one-touch finish drill is a great way to help players develop this skill. In this drill, players are given limited time to receive the ball and take a shot on goal. By practicing this drill regularly, players can learn to make split-second decisions and improve their accuracy in front of goal.

How to Perform the One-Touch Finish Drill:

  1. Set up a goal with a goalkeeper.
  2. Divide the players into two teams.
  3. Have one team serve the ball into the box for the other team to finish with one touch.
  4. Encourage players to focus on their positioning, technique, and accuracy.
  5. Rotate teams to give everyone a chance to practice.

By incorporating the one-touch finish drill into your coaching sessions, you can help your players develop the skills they need to score goals and win games. This drill is not only fun and challenging but also an effective way to improve shooting technique.


  1. What are the most important factors to consider when practicing shooting technique?

When practicing shooting technique, it’s crucial to focus on proper form, accuracy, and power. Make sure to keep your eye on the ball, plant your non-kicking foot next to the ball, and follow through with your kicking foot to generate power and accuracy in your shot.

  1. How often should youth players practice these shooting drills?

Youth players should aim to practice shooting drills at least three to four times a week to see improvement in their technique. Consistency is key when it comes to mastering the art of shooting in soccer.

  1. Are there any specific drills that can help improve shooting accuracy?

Yes, there are several drills that can help improve shooting accuracy, such as the “Shooting on Goal” drill and the “Target Practice” drill. These drills focus on hitting specific targets on the goal to improve precision and accuracy in shooting.


Mastering shooting technique is crucial for youth players looking to excel in soccer. By practicing basic football drills for youth focused on shooting, players can enhance their skills and become more effective on the field. So grab a ball, hit the field, and start working on your shooting technique today!

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