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Basic Soccer Drills: An Ultimate Guide to Youth Soccer Drills

According to research, Basic Soccer Drills that combine skill development and repetition of skillful touches while also including entertaining elements are essential for developing youth soccer players.

As a soccer coach, you must strike a balance that promotes the enjoyment of your players. Drills, particularly the development of touch on the ball, are crucial for players to learn and practice while they are young. These fundamentals can help players learn more complex skills and techniques later in their soccer careers.

Here are some fun youth soccer drills that develop skills, teamwork, and provide plenty of touches on the ball. Kids learn best when they are intrinsically engaged, so incorporate them into your next practice.

Different Types of Youth Soccer Drills

There are several youth soccer drills, but the finest ones combine skill development and natural sports fun. Here are some of the best ones to employ when preparing your practice.

Dribbling Drills:

Dribbling is a fundamental skill in soccer, and incorporating specific drills can help youth players improve their ball control, agility, and confidence.

Basic dribbling drills may include cone dribbling, where players navigate through a series of cones while maintaining control of the ball, or dribbling in tight spaces to enhance close ball control. These drills focus on developing quick footwork, change of direction, and the ability to protect the ball from opponents.

Passing and Receiving Drills:

Passing and receiving are crucial aspects of soccer, and practicing these skills through various drills can greatly enhance a player’s ability to distribute the ball accurately and efficiently. Basic passing drills may involve simple two-player passing exercises, where players work on their technique, timing, and communication.

Additionally, incorporating drills that simulate game-like scenarios, such as passing in triangles or small-sided games, can help youth players develop their decision-making skills and improve their ability to receive and control the ball under pressure.

Shooting Drills:

Scoring goals is the ultimate objective in soccer, and basic shooting drills can help youth players refine their shooting technique, accuracy, and power. These drills may include shooting at targets, practicing different types of shots (e.g., volleys, headers, or one-touch finishes), or participating in shooting competitions. By incorporating shooting drills into training sessions, young players can develop their shooting skills, improve their ability to find the back of the net, and gain confidence in front of goal.

Defensive Drills:

Defensive skills are equally important in soccer, and incorporating basic defensive drills can help youth players understand positioning, marking, and tackling techniques. These drills may involve one-on-one defending exercises, where players learn how to stay goal-side, jockey opponents, and make well-timed tackles.

Additionally, incorporating small-sided games that focus on defensive principles, such as maintaining a compact shape or pressing as a team, can help young players develop their defensive awareness and teamwork.

Agility and Conditioning Drills:

Soccer requires players to have good agility, speed, and endurance. Incorporating basic agility and conditioning drills into training sessions can help youth players improve their overall fitness and performance on the field. These drills may include ladder drills, cone agility exercises, or interval training to enhance speed, quickness, and stamina. By incorporating these drills, young players can develop their physical attributes, which are essential for success in soccer.


Basic soccer drills play a crucial role in the development of youth players, helping them build fundamental skills, improve coordination, and enhance overall performance on the field. By incorporating a variety of drills that focus on dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, and agility, coaches and trainers can provide young players with a well-rounded training experience. These drills not only help improve technical skills but also foster teamwork, discipline, and a love for the game. By dedicating time to practice these basic soccer drills, youth players can lay a solid foundation for their soccer journey, setting them up for success and enjoyment in the sport.

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