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Gearing Up for Greatness: New 2024 Basic Football Drills for Youth

For young athletes, football (or soccer for some regions) offers a fantastic opportunity to develop skills, build teamwork, and have a blast. If you’re a coach or parent looking to introduce young players to the beautiful game, here’s a compilation of new and engaging “basic football drills for youth” in 2024, designed to nurture their foundational skills in a fun and dynamic way.

Building a Strong Foundation: Drills for Ball Mastery

A strong foundation in ball mastery is crucial for young footballers. These drills will help them develop comfortable control and confidence on the pitch:

  • Cone Dribble Challenge (New for 2024!): Set up a series of cones in a zig-zag pattern. Players dribble the ball around each cone, focusing on tight touches and maintaining a low center of gravity. For an added challenge, introduce a time limit or have players race each other while maintaining control.

Basic football drills for youth like this one can be easily modified. For younger players, use larger cones spaced further apart. As skills improve, use smaller cones and tighter spacing.

  • Rainbow Flick: This visually impressive skill teaches players ball control and adds a touch of flair. Instruct players to place the ball under their foot and flick it up with the instep, momentarily trapping it on their back before controlling it back down with their foot. Encourage creativity and experimentation as they practice this fun trick.
  • Ball Juggling: A classic drill with a twist! Challenge players to juggle the ball using different body parts – feet, knees, thighs, and even their head (with caution!). Start with two touches and gradually increase as their control improves. This drill hones footwork, coordination, and touch.

Passing Prowess: Drills for Accurate Distribution

Effective passing is the lifeblood of football. These drills will help young players develop accurate and powerful passes:

  • Wall Passing: Simple yet effective, this drill utilizes a wall as a passing partner. Players stand a few feet away from the wall and practice passing the ball against it, focusing on different passing techniques – laces for power, inside of the foot for accuracy. The wall instantly returns the ball, allowing for repetition and practice.
  • Partner Passing: Pair up players and have them stand facing each other at a comfortable distance. One player passes the ball to their partner, who controls it and returns it. Vary the passing distance and speed to challenge players and develop their passing range.
  • Target Practice (New for 2024!): Set up cones or small targets (buckets, hula hoops) at varying distances. Players take turns dribbling towards a target and attempting to pass the ball through it, aiming for accuracy and power. This drill promotes decision-making, control, and passing precision in a game-like setting.

Sharpening Shooting Skills: Drills for Goal Glory

Every young footballer dreams of scoring goals! These drills will help them develop their shooting technique and accuracy:

  • Stationary Shooting: Have players stand at various distances from the goal and practice stationary shots. Focus on proper form – body position, plant foot, and follow-through. This promotes consistency and good shooting technique.
  • Dribble and Shoot: Combine dribbling with shooting. Players dribble towards the goal at a moderate pace and take a powerful shot with their dominant foot when they reach a designated spot. This drill replicates real-game situations where players need to control the ball while creating space for a shot.
  • Penalty Kick Challenge (New for 2024!): Penalty kicks are a test of nerves and skill. Divide players into teams and have them take turns attempting penalty kicks. This drill builds pressure-handling skills and shooting accuracy in a fun, competitive environment.


Remember to adapt these “basic football drills for youth” to the age and skill level of your players. Keep sessions fun and engaging, and most importantly, prioritize safety and proper technique. By incorporating these drills into your training sessions, you can help young footballers develop their skills, build confidence, and ignite their passion for the beautiful game.

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