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Basic Soccer Drills: 6 Best Give and Go Drills for Soccer Passing and Attacking

Soccer is a game of quick decisions, precise passes, and cohesive teamwork. One of the most essential attacking moves in soccer is the give-and-go pass. In simple terms, this move involves one player passing the ball to a teammate and immediately moving to receive a return pass. It’s a fast and effective way to beat defenders and create scoring opportunities.

To master this move, players need to practice specific drills that focus on ball control, quick decision-making, and timing. Here are six of the best give-and-go drills that will help players enhance their passing and attacking skills.

What Is a Give-and-Go Drill in Soccer?

The give-and-go, also known as a combination pass or wall pass, is a classic attacking maneuver where two players work together to outsmart a defender. It involves one player passing the ball to a teammate and then making a run to receive a return pass.

This quick exchange of passes can catch defenders off guard and create space for the attackers to exploit. It’s a fundamental technique that players of all levels should master to become more effective on the field.

6 Basic Soccer Drills: Give and Go Soccer Drills

  1. 2v1 Soccer Square for a Give and Go

Set-Up: 6 players, a 7×7 yard playing area, a soccer ball

Process: Arrange two target players, two bounce players, and two players in the center of the field on each of the four sides. One target player passes the ball to a middle player at the beginning of the drill, and that player engages in a give-and-go with a bounce player. The defender is the other middle player.

Objective: Develop quick thinking, create space, and coordinate with teammates for effective passing.

  1. Dribble and Support Via Triangle Give and Go Drills

Set-Up: 8 players, a square grid, 2 soccer balls, 2 cones

Process: Form two teams of four players and set up triangles on the field. Players dribble and pass the ball to teammates, practicing quick exchanges and maintaining ball control.

Objective: Improve dribbling skills, maintain eye contact with teammates, and execute give-and-go moves effectively.

  1. Conditioned Game

Set-Up: 12 players, a 50×30 yard field, one soccer ball

Process: Divide players into targets, attackers, and defenders. Players pass the ball to teammates to move it towards the target players. Points are scored for successful passes.

Objective: Improve passing accuracy, receiving skills, and decision-making under pressure.

  1. Beat the Offside Line

Set-Up: An even number of players, a full-size playing field, one soccer ball, soccer cones, two soccer goals with goalies.

Process: Once the players have been split into two teams, mark the offside line on both ends of the field beyond the 18-yard line. To cross the offside line, the attacking team must perform a give-and-go pass. After fifteen minutes of play, the roles can be switched, and to increase the difficulty of the session, first- or two-touch limits can be implemented.

Objective: This drill is perfect for 8-10-year-olds looking to improve their give-and-go moves and coordination with teammates. The main goal is to enhance passing skills and timing in a game-like environment.

  1. 3v3 Small Sided Give and Go Game

Set-Up: 6 players, a 15 x 20-yard playing area, one soccer ball, two soccer goals with goalkeepers.

Process: The players will play a 3v3 soccer match divided into two teams. To outmaneuver the opposition and earn points, teams might coordinate a give-and-go pass. The main goals are to work on passing mechanics, make space, and increase stamina, dribbling, and passing.

Objective: The players learn about creating space, teamwork, and efficient passing to maintain attacking momentum and improve their overall skills on the field.

  1. Give and Go Passing Pattern

Set-Up: 6 players, a 7 x 7-yard playing area, two soccer balls.

Process: Divide the players into two teams with target players on opposite ends of the playing square. Players pass the ball back and forth in a give-and-go pattern, aiming to make the most number of passes in three minutes. One-touch restrictions can be applied for added challenge.

Objective: This drill focuses on repeating the give-and-go passing technique, forcing players to make quick and accurate passes while moving forward. It helps improve passing accuracy and speed on the field.


It takes a lot of soccer training to make perfect use of the give-and-go pass. To make the play work, the thrower and the receiver must both pay attention to their duties.  Young players will get the ideal amount of practice from these drills to assist them get past the opposition’s defenders. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start working on these basic soccer drills to take your team’s passing and attacking game to the next level!

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